The Quest for Confidence, Love, and Peace

Week One

April 11th, 2013, 9:50 pm
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From the Author
Captain Ghost April 11th, 2013, 9:47 pm
First off... I would like to reiterate the statement made in this comic's description: This is being drawn mostly for my own benefit, as something I can look at down the road, see how I've progressed... ... Or something like that, yeah?

'Well why not keep it hidden then?'

Nehhh... It may just be crappy sketches but maybe someone out there will relate. Anyone is welcome to pop in for discussion or even to say hi. Like I said, I don't really -expect- anyone to read these walls of text, it's more for my own benefit than anything.

As for the format, this comic is likely to go on as 4-panel pages with the very odd exception. However, not all of these pages will feature 'sequential' art - some may show instead snapshots of weeks or ideas, which are to be elaborated on in the text part of each update.

<3 Thanks for dropping by.


Now. Onto 2013, week one.
This year did NOT start off kindly. I mean, nobody close to me died or anything, and I am way thankful for that. Nevertheless, stress levels were through the roof. It was not a fun time.

From the 26th to the... 4th? My siblings and I visited my dad. There, we learned that he would soon be heading away for work for around a year. Strangely, this hit me hard, which is odd - especially if you take into consideration that I've been used to not seeing him much growing up. I mean, I visit him what, 2-5 times a year even now?

So why would this news bother me?
I have yet to figure it out.

What I do know, however, is that as soon as I stepped back through the door at home, I was praying he'd take me back, for the first breath I took...

... was pretty much a huge intake of smoke. The second breath, as I rushed to my room for freedom? Cat urine. Poor little kitty was so freaked out by our guests that she didn't know what to do, apparently. That and as I found out some time later, these guests were in the habit of leaving the basement door (where my room is located) closed.

Thanks, guys.

So not only was I stuck with four smokers in my blissfully non-smoker house, but my cat had apparently gone nuts while I was gone. And, while the rule was to please keep to the outside, one of them took to doing the high school thing and smoking in the bathroom. MY precious downstairs BATHROOM. The fan did not help things, though I'm sure the man thought himself clever for it.

While I'm on the subject of smoking, controversial as it may be... I don't care so long as I can't smell it, haha. But once I do, resentment is immediate reaction. It's hard for me to breathe with it around and in general just smells gross. I mean no offense to smokers out there, it's just... really, really not my thing, haha.

The week ended on a semi-decent note, at least.
Sort of.

Had a kickass birthday dinner (yum, wraps <3), I was gifted a pikachu hat I'd squealed over back in what, October? ... And I also got a fresh pee stain in my bed, but who's counting?
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