The Quest for Confidence, Love, and Peace

Week Two

April 19th, 2013, 2:59 am
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Captain Ghost April 19th, 2013, 2:59 am
The "program" referred to is one you enter with the aim of gaining a number of certificates... Also you get paid a small allowance to attend class (lucky duckies or what?).

Having been out of work a couple of years (excluding the odd job.. ehh...), I figured it'd be a good thing to try again. (I say again because I applied to the "program" once before and didn't make the cut.)

I remember being super nervous the first time, oh, some six-eight months prior, but this go around... even despite having postponed it due to the abovementioned illness - which was not fun at all, by the by - I was by far too out of it to really care much how the interview went. Self-esteem was pretty low and unlike last time I'd not really practised at all.

I think it showed a bit (just a bit), but I guess it helps that for this program they weren't necessarily looking for the cream of the crop, aheh.

See, I've certain skills, yes, but my experience with people is somewhat limited - hence my interest in the program (which is retail-geared), but more on that later.

Finally, on a crazed whim, I decided to audition for another OCT (my third by now). What's an OCT, you ask? The acronym is short for Original Character Tournament. You pit your writing/comics and character(s) against another artist's work. Judges rate each entry, and the victor goes on to the next round, the next opponent.

They're strangely addictive but oh so time consuming. On the plus side, it generally means a pretty large output of drawing, and a whole lot of learning, which are always a plus.

As for waiting on results... It's nerve-wracking hahaha. I made it in though.

Looking over my notes, despite being sick and drained most of that week, I stayed fairly busy. A very neutral week compared to the one prior.

**I am not usually that dramatic when sick, by the way. That day was just kinda... ugh.**
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