The Quest for Confidence, Love, and Peace

The Program | Week Two

September 28th, 2013, 2:31 am
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Captain Ghost September 28th, 2013, 2:31 am
-Seriously, MS Word and I are not friends haha. At least most issues can be solved via Google-fu but... all the same, it's terribly cluttered and uncooperative most of the time. (You can do some neat stuff with it, I guess, but for normal purposes I vastly prefer the old version.)

-First Aid was indeed fun. Too bad I don't remember it well, and could do with a good rereading of the book. Suffice to say: don't get hurt around me, people! Aheh. The most I can do is call 911 :d ... (and even then, I... don't... have a cell phone? so... yeah)

Still. It was not worth being dreaded.

-For the Nutrition class, we got treated to breakfast burritos. Nom nom nom.

-The lockout feels like ages ago now haha. Especially considering the NHL is starting up again shortly! (Well, it's in preseason now, I guess?)

I don't keep track of it super seriously though, 'm more of a casual watcher. Would rather be playing, you know? (And I do, year-round, though lately I've been wondering if I shouldn't take a break or call it quits, for injury reason. Hmmn... It weighs kinda heavy on me, I've been playing more than half my life after all...)

Anyway, my team is San Jose, for those curious (:
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