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Aug 14 _ A Thrill A Minute

August 15th, 2017, 1:24 am
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Captain Ghost August 15th, 2017, 1:24 am
Most of what I remember from bungee jumping is that the dude up top did not wait for me to make up my mind and pushed me off the platform 8/ bastard. To be fair, I do remember contemplating my life decisions (same for the below two situations though, come to think of it, heh) once I went to take that first step. The mind just goes 'nope.'

god that sky diving pic though has been my FB profile pic for ages now hahaha.
I remember skimming through the pics the dude had taken when I went down and had a bunch of me smiling and being all okay n stuff and then THAT PIC, I looked hella terrified and it made me laugh so much. At least that one I was not in control of, so much... It's like. Welp. You're harnessed up. You're hanging out the plane now, yikes. Annnd... the dude you're diving with decides it'd be fun to flip out of the plane, nice

Uncle took us to a bunch of cliffs when we went camping a week or two ago, my bro, pal, and cousin just watched but my other cousin n I went up and jumped. Only 30 feet high I think? We would have gone to the 40 foot one had we seen it but I think we tunnel visioned pretty hard when we got up there, heh. Cousin just went 'Well, not gonna stop and think about it' and jumped off, leaving me up there to, of course, stop and think about it 8) but down I went, eventually.

Good stuff.
I find tubing just as terrifying, if we're honest. Heard too many horror stories with tubing @w@;;
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